The Front Porch Project | Happy Anniversary!

In the midst of this quarantine it has been my absolute joy to capture all these lovely faces on their Front Porch (using the proper six foot distance). I hear your stories and I see all of your beautiful faces in the midst of this! People are celebrating weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and maybe the impending accomplishment of completing high school or college. I am here to photograph you right on your front porch to document all of your special occassions. Be as creative as you want and tell me what this time has meant to you! This session is by donation or $25 per JPEG. A gallery will be provided of your images. If you know of someone in the medical field working tireless hours I wou

The Front Porch Project | Haley & Family

Front porch sessions are a way to document families, couples and individuals who are in quarantine, because we are all in this together. It is a way to tell your story during quarantine and support photographers and their families during this time in history. I come to your front porch, photograph you from six feet away and hopefully share in a little bit of fun together! To book your Front Porch Session in Conway, Maumelle or Little Rock, Arkansas please contact: FRONT PORCH STORY | Introducing Haley and family of Maumelle, Arkansas. Haley shares..... Social distancing was a little tense at first. Trying to juggle working from home, a toddler, and helping ou

The Front Porch Project | Jennifer & Family

What a joy to tell the stories of families in Central Arkansas during this time in history. On this rainy day in April, I was able to capture one more family while keeping proper social distance and having a little fun! If you would like to be a part of this project and share your story, each session is by donation and / or $25 per JPEG image. This has been a labor of love, keeps my small business alive and supports my family of 3 during this time. If you would like to book, please contact: I ask everyone to fill me in on what you have been doing during quarantine and what this time has meant to you. FRONT PORCH STORY - Let me introduce Jennifer, her family a

The Front Porch Project |The P Family | Little Rock, Arkansas

I am so thrilled to be part of a nationwide project and join other photographers in the Front Porch Project! As creatives and a small business, we invest all we have into our clients and often consider you friends and family! THE FRONT PORCH - The why / how At this time in history, we want to document you! You all have a story of how you are spending time during quarantine. We want to hear from you and tell your story! I promise to stay 6 feet away or further and will photograph with my long lense! These sessions are meant to be brief and tell your story, so be as creative as you want in props and costume. Or, just come as you are! This is not meant to be a formal session. I would appreciat

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