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The Front Porch | Welcome Daisy!

During this time of quarantine I have noticed people bringing new puppies home. And, this precious family was no exception, they did just that! Their plan was to wait until summer but they thought this would be a great time to bring Daisy home to love on! When I pulled up to their home, this sweet little fluff ball came running along with their sweet girls. This session was a real treat!


This started out as a project for photographers around the world to stay connected creatively and make a living at the same time. It is a safe way to capture your family during this time in history. You may have a senior, a birthday to celebrate, an anniversary or your just want to show others your family is thriving during this time! Sessions are brief, anywhere from 15-20 minutes and I promise to stay six feet away. In addition, I ask you to share your story or what you have been up to during the quarantine.

If you would like to have a Front Porch Session, please get in touch! I would love to visit your family on the front porch. This session is by donation and is done as a labor of love, to keep my creativity going. In addition, these sessions support our family of three while my husband attends UAMS for his cancer appointments for Multiple Myeloma. Your session comes with a gallery of edited images and usually takes 1-3 business days to turn around. JPEG images are $25 each and allows you print or use them on-line with photo credit. I accept cash, PayPal and Venmo.

To book contact: Hello@juliagracephotography.net


I asked what her family has been up to during quarantine and this is what Victoria had to say.

Not too much has changed!  Jesse, my husband, still goes to work for the Air Force. I’m a stay-at-home mom to a PreK aged daughter, (who’s school was cancelled), and one other toddler.  We decided to bump up our plans to get a puppy this summer since we are at home so much! This was a good time to get a puppy since deciding we aren’t taking any trips this summer.  We spend most of our time playing in the font yard and updating our backyard. Mostly, we are just trying to keep ourselves entertained!

And, I think Daisy is doing a good job of that!

I got to see the girls in action! It was pretty cute how they were the greeting committee for myself and the post man! The girls also profusely waved as we left. How could that not make you smile?! I loved it!

Hello, I am four years old.

I love my sister...

And, I think they love their new puppy!

Be sure to wave or say hello from a distance those who are serving you during the quarantine, such as the postman! I bet it would make their day!

To book your session contact: Hello@juliagracephotography.net



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