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Abby Grace + Her family | Breckenridge, CO. Family Photographer

Meet the other half of Julia. My daughter, Abby Grace. She adores fall and all things involving puppy dogs. One day I am convinced she will give me grand-dogs. If you have pets and want to include them in your session, don't be surprised if my animal whisperer joins me as my assistant!

These are the people who love her and she calls mom and dad.

Thank you to Nettie Joy Photography for the following images of our family. Photographers get their photos taken too to learn what it's like to be on the other side of the lense!

Here are a few tips to prepare for your session!

1. Be prepared for any weather. We went from windy to blowing snow during our session.

2. Dress accordingly. We dressed in layers and then added hats to our session when it started to snow. (We will share those images right before Christmas!) Adding scarves and hats brings an fun element to your session.

3. Make it fun. I like to keep my sessions moving and even change scenery. I often choose one location that has the potential for several different looks for the session. Such as trees, then mountains, a fence and finally a combination of all three.

4. Candid interaction is key! Don't expect perfection or perfectly posed photographs, especially from little ones. Oftentimes, the candid photos are the favorites! Each stage and age is fun to portray in photographs.

5. When all else fails, bribe. Offering a bribe isn't always a bad thing parents and often gets them to cooperate for the session.



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