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Sundays in the South is a day to cherish. For many, it's going to church which are good and plenty here. It's a day for rest, renewal, family and food. Today, for us, it was brunch and getting outside to explore the State of Arkansas.

In the heart of the Soma District in Downtown Little Rock is this blessed restaurant called The Root. They believe in building community through local food. Farm to table, all fresh ingredients. On a Sunday, if you are a minute past 9, you are waiting 45 minutes for your table. It's well worth the wait and encourages you to get to know your community!

You can't miss this happy mural of smiling vegetables that greet you in the parking lot. The restaurant itself is a refurbished container decorated with your grandmother's cloth napkins, bright table clothes and coffee cups that scream choose me and fill me up! At the entrance is their own garden that you may also dine in during the summer months.

It's light and bright and filled with vintage goodness.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner every weekday and on Sunday, their fabulous brunch. Get there early, there is always a line! You can only get bacon on Sundays!

Come and sit awhile in this bright space

"Also, at The Root Cafe, we host a range of activities from workshops, classes, and speakers to music events, hot pepper-eating and beard-growing contests! Through food, education, and community, The Root Cafe is striving to make Little Rock a better place to live by helping to create a more just, sustainable, and delicious food system for central Arkansas."

Stay tuned, my husband will be participating in the beard-growing contest!

The food is well worth the wait. It's so good, and all fresh!

After our blessed brunch we took ourselves to church in nature today. We found real peace and solitude walking through Two Rivers Park. I find this place fascinating with towering pine trees wrapped in vines. Many Arkansans seem to get out to jog and bike ride on this trail. Either way, it's an inviting place with so much to see and do!

Sundays in the South are definitely a day to be present! Choose how you want to spend your Sunday!

As we continue our medical care in Little Rock, I am thrilled to share our experiences and my series on "Southern Living". We anticipate our return to Colorado in the Spring 2018 and look forward to future bookings!

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