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The "C" Family | Breckenridge, Colorado

It was a beautiful, crisp morning in the Rockies. A perfect day to watch the sunrise.

It was a pleasure to meet this sweet family who came here by train all the way from Chicago, IL.

During their session, as the sun was rising, there was varying light. You can count on that during a sunrise session unless it is a cloudy day!

1-2-3 Swing! It's always a hit with the kids.

Taking a little walk up the trail!

This little Mister had one speed, fast!

During our session, I was convinced that their son loved all things "transportation", such as trains and planes! Mom and dad were totally into it! I loved how they took the train to Colorado just for their son!

This family was a real delight and a blast to photograph on this beautiful Colorado Morning on Sapphire Point. The views were breathtaking.

Heading back up the trail there had to be another game of 1-2-3 swing!

Thank you to the "C" family for choosing me as their photographer!




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