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The "S" Family | Breckenridge, Colorado

This was my last family session in Colorado! I really enjoyed this beautiful family reunion in Breckenridge. These people were so gracious and left a lasting impression on me! It was a great way to end my time in Colorado. I have a strong feeling we will remain friends.

The family gathering in Breckenridge, Colorado

All of the grandchildren

Grandma and grandpa with all of their favorites!

Each family, so unique and fun!

The fall colors in Breckenridge, Colorado already making their appearance

This family was from Nashville, TN.

All the plaid though! Adorable!

Talk about adorable!

Family togetherness

A playful family!

And, this precious couple is engaged to be married in October! I loved how they treated and respected one another.

This is the last born and off to college!

The original nine!

Their beautiful parents! I loved how sweet they were with one another, married 30+ years!

And, all of the girls!

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer!



Book your family reunion in Arkansas or Tennessee

I have relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas. If you are in the State of Arkansas or Tennessee, contact me and I will photograph your family reunion! Travel fees will apply outside of Little Rock, Arkansas.


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