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Colorado newborns

Whether you are carrying a baby for nine months or adopting, you can anticipate this new bundle of joy is coming! Before you know it, the baby is arriving and photography may be the last thing on your mind. I want to share some ways to prepare and plan for all of the milestones in your babies life!

For the birth of my baby girl, I hired a photographer to capture the full story; the joy, the pain, the delivery and all the moments that followed. I ended up having a c-section and the best laid plans for delivery and newborn photography went out the window. To this day, I look back on the photos my photographer was able to capture and I cry. Those are so important to me because I wasn't able to complete the birth story and capture newborn photos as a new family of three. My daughter is now 10 and I cherish the moments I had with her in my womb, the birthing process and the delivery. One of my favorite images was Abby peeking out of a blanket at 10 minutes old all wide eyed ready to face the world. I guarantee there will be an epic photo that brings about the sweet memories of the birth and newborn story.

Here are some ways to prepare for your birth story and newborn photo session.

1. Hire a photographer - I recommend booking your photographer anywhere between 1-3 months in advance. Secure your photographer, even if you don't have a definite delivery date, she can mark out her calendar around the due date. Plan for a maternity session, birth story and newborn session. Or, even one of these sessions will be meaningful!

2. Communicate in advance - Share your birth plan with your photographer so she can anticipate what type of birth she will be photographing. Will it be at home or in a hospital? Sometimes the best laid plans don't work out, but capturing what you can is better than nothing! Have your photographer on quick dial! If you deliver quickly, invite the photographer to photograph the bonding that takes place after the birth.

3. Adoption - It's important to document those special moments during and after adoption. Hire a photographer to capture those moments when you first meet and bond with your baby or child. This applies to any age or stage!

3. Book a package - Booking a package in advance will almost give you the best bang for your buck. Maternity + Newborn photography or Birth + Newborn photography are often packages worth reserving, then it's done in one booking!

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Contact me for a session or package quote: Book a newborn session, maternity or birth story

Quick Tips | Newborn Baby time-line

That newborn window goes away after 10 days. Be sure to book your newborn session before 10 days old. The baby sleeps a lot and is more pliable for posing.

1. Take photos once a week to document your newborn and hire a photographer for milestones (3-10 days old, 3 months old, 6 months old, 1 year old, and birthday sessions). I ordered this for my niece who just had a beautiful baby girl. We don't live close by, but documenting special milestones are important! We want to see these precious babies grow! This is a great option to use: Milestone blanket

2. Schedule in advance - arranging for those milestone photo shoots ensures you won't let it go by without documenting the baby as they grow!

3. Include other family members - include brother, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents in some or one of your sessions if they are available. They will also cherish having those memories as you grow your family!

If you wish to book a birth or newborn photographer, I would love the privilege to work with you!

Contact me to consult and book your session:



Colorado newborn Photographer

Breckenridge Colorado newborn photographer

Colorado newborn photography

Colorado birth photographer

Colorado birth photography

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