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HELLO || Tips for your session

Tips for your session

Hello! You are here because you are thinking about a session or the best time to do your photos! Here are some quick tips.


1. Pick your favorite season for your session. Our family chooses fall every year because we love to play in the leaves! Maybe you want to mix it up and choose a different season! It is good to get your photos taken at least 1-2 times a year to document your growing family.

2. Location. Choose a location special to you. Consult with your photographer as we like to find pockets of "light", locations with amazing trees, mountains, tall grass, and even your home has great potential. In the city? Urban locations are also a favorite! I never choose locations that would put you or your family in danger. Personally, I stay away from train tracks, ledges or docks that may be unstable.


1. Clothing. How do you want people to see you? Choose clothing that is simple, comfortable and presentable. You can always accessorize and change your look when you wear solid colors. Simple tones or bold colors also makes a statement. Consult your photographer for ideas that will work with your location and time of year. I don't recommend multiple patterns or yoga wear for your session.

* Hats - I love them. But, hat backwards, not so much. I don't recommend ballcaps for your session as they may cast a shadow.

* Glasses - If you wear prescription glasses, I always recommend tipping them on the bridge of your nose so they don't cast shadows in your images.

2. Your Children + your session.

* Evenings before dinner are not ideal for babies. Plan your session around naps and meal times.

* Bring snacks and water for your little one(s). You know their limits.Make sure you children are fed and happy.

* Bribes or a reward are never a bad idea either! Save those for the end of the session.

* Bring wipes to clean those faces if necessary!

* As the photographer, I enjoy interacting with your little ones. When everyone tries to coax a smile or gets too excited, your little ones might get overstimulated, check out or cry. I like to give them time to play between each segment of your session and often get some great photographs during those moments.

3. Be prepared.

* Prepare for any kind of weather. Props, such as umbrellas can add an element of fun to your session.

* Bring the proper footwear - Dress in shoes that would allow you to walk and get somewhat dirty. We sometimes go 'off trail' to get a good shot! However, I never compromise your safety.

* Most of all, stay hydrated. Carry water. At elevation, you can become quickly dehydrated.

4. Cell phones / wallets - most people bring them, but please don't put them in your pocket or where they might be seen in a photo. I suggest keeping your pockets empty during your session.

5. Chewing gum - please, no chewing gum during your session.


1. In summer / fall / winter: If you want a daytime or sunset session, be prepared for bugs and bring some bug spray and sunscreen.

2. The sun in Colorado at elevation can be hot and intense any time of the year. High noon is never a good idea for a session. The most ideal times are at sunrise (6:30-8 am) and sunset (5-7 pm) and in the winter, most afternoons work. If we choose an area with shade and trees, then we can work with other times.

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