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Christmas Mini-Session Tips

Christmas Mini-Sessions are here! Contact:

Tips for your Christmas Mini-Session

Coordinate outfits - Solids are good for the parents, while coordinated / patterned outfits are good for the kids.

Bring a bribe or favorite toy if you have a baby or a family pet so the photographer can get their attention. It's best if you save your candy or food bribe until the end!

Expect weather - Be prepared for cold or windy weather in the winter months. Dress in layers with a jacket, vest or warmer layers. Accessorize with hats or scarves. This is one way to express yourselves!

Sometimes that unexpected gust of wind makes for really cute images!

Relax and have fun with your session! It may be windy, but alas, you can still get some cute photos with your hair in the breeze! But, if it is windy, pull your hair back in your favorite style! Your children often feel your stress. If you are having fun, so are they! It makes for really great moments and images. This baby girl loved the wind and she would giggle every time the wind came through.

A relaxed and cozy pose is often the best! I don't often prompt these moments, so I have to quickly click! Mom and dad should always stay focused on the camera or interacting with each other laughing!

Allow the children to be in their element without too much coaxing and excitement! If you do this it often results in the best capture!

And, don't forget to take time for your significant other! I often hear that from my clients. I am so glad we remembered "us".

And, finally, love on your local photographer! We thank each one of our clients past, current and future for allowing us to capture your family memories! Your loyalty means the world to us and often supports a family!

Have a wonderful Christmas season!



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