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Frankie Mae Turns 1

What a year! It has been my pleasure to photograph this little darlin' from newborn to age 1. Her big first birthday is drawing near and we are all looking forward to the celebration.

To book a one year session contact:

Pro tip: Doing a cake smash for the first birthday is a great way to celebrate turning one! In this instance, we just used a cupcake which made a lot less mess and the session very enjoyable.

For Frankie's first year, her theme has been 'farm animals'. She loves all things on the farm! So, her mom incorporated this theme with a banner.

Pro tip: Use a theme, or incorporate something memorable from the first year of life into the photo session. Keep things simple, yet memorable.

Frankie has no idea what is coming, but she is patiently waiting.

Here comes the cupcake!

It didn't take long before she figured out just how much fun it was to eat a cupcake!

Now for the smiles....

It's been a great first year mom!

Pro tip: Optional; incorporate mom and family members into the photo session at the end because the big birthday may be busy!

Happiest Birthday Frankie Mae!

If you would like to book a session, please contact:



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